Co-located Virtual Reality Escape Room

Project Lead

This project is a two-player cooperative experience. Both players are confined to the same physical space, tasked with escaping it by completing a series of challenges. One player wears a virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD) that shows a digital recreation of the physical space. Variations between the digital and analog spaces create room for collaboration. Operating in parallel universes, players solve a maze while each can only see some of its walls. Clues in one reality lead to solutions in the other. The hybrid live-action/virtual-reality structure of this game explores new design directions for escape rooms and other co-located VR experiences.

This research project was created in the University of California, Santa Cruz's Science Internship Program. My co-mentor Devi Acharya and I led a team of four high school interns with the goal of creating a novel escape room game.

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